Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Coveting & Considering

1. House of Harlow, 2. Red Valentino, 3. Giuseppi Zanotti, 4. Top Shop, 5.Tod's
If you're like me (and most of you probably are not) you love fall clothes and fall/spring/winter shoes. I actually dread summer shoes. I'm not a huge fan of open-toed shoes, but will wear them if I have to. Summer shoes mean one thing: A lot of upkeep...and drama (think even more frequent pedicures!) So, if you're like me or even if you're not, there is nothing wrong with some transitional shoes (aka the spring shoe). But even more so, they are spring shoes that actually are spring shoes and not just a bunch of vibrant coloured, strappy shoes pawed off by companies to resemble an actual spring shoe (aka summer transitional shoe!). These are some of my favorite. They say: "Summer, I am accepting you are on your way, but, I still enjoy that cool crisp air of spring"

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  1. love number 4. perfect.
    www.stylemailbox.blogspot.com xo

  2. Love all of your picks. Did not know house of harlow made shoes.

  3. Love number 3, I love Zanotti designs!!! :)