Friday, March 09, 2012

Trend Watch

1. Wendy Mink, 2. Yves Saint Laurent, 3. Lavin
Here's the thing. I love turquoise jewellery and I'll wear it whether it's in or out. I simply don't care. Some seasons, my sister who I consider one of the most style inclined and aware  people I know will say, "why are you wearing that?" then literally the next season, she will ask to borrow that same turquoise coloured piece.  Turquoise flows in and out almost as much as animal print does. Regardless, I have listed three different rings in turquoise, one is classic and would be like wearing the ring in any other colour. The second is a bold statement piece but it's still considered a classic and the third is 'very in the moment'.

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  1. Love the Yves Saint Laurent ring, so so so gorgeous!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. i've always loved turquoise for summer!

  3. Great finds, I loveee the YSL one!