Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Updated Blazer

1. H&M, 2. Malene Birger, 3. Romwe
I am a big believer in buying clothes that you can get maximum wear out of and that at the very least, you can wear an entire season without feeling like you are over doing it, or being afraid that others will think you wore the same outfit over and over. This does not mean giving up on trends or seasonal colours. It just means being wise about how far you take a trend. You can certainly buy cheaper options form stores like Forever 21 (I did when I really wanted to buy a sequence dress that I knew I would only wear once), but if you are buying a key item that will serve as a staple, you need to be wiser with your options. I bought a mint green blazer from Zara to replace the white one I've been wearing for the last two summers. It's a great alternative to white, I can still wear it often, and it's an instant basic update!

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  1. Great post, I completely agree with the updates! On the hunt for an orange blazer!

  2. im so sad seeing this post,mint is my fav colour for this season and h&m are not opened in malaysia still searching for the right pieces to work on my wardrobe..and more prob that i faced they hv less pieces and style for men.sigh