Monday, April 30, 2012

Inspiration: Style That Gives Back - Part II

Source: Holt Renfrew
Last week, I talked about one of my inspirations being clothes, brands, and designers that are looking to give back to the global community in need in this post here. Collaborations which incorporate a charitable collaboration is one that really inspires me. The Tory Burch Foundation + Feed Foundation, along with my hometown luxury department store in Canada - Holt Renfrew are partnering together to bring this exclusive tote where proceeds will provide 500,000 meals for needy children around the world and $50,000 in micro-financing and mentoring support. Need a tote for spring? Well this tote is only $50, supports great causes and is a Tory Burch creation! Help Holt Renfrew raise its $100,000 goal!

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random Musings, Musings

1.Leif Shop 2. Svenskt Tenn 3.Pony Rider 4.The Hampton Popcorn Company 5.Minimalissimo 6.Urban Barn 
Every so often I come across items that I am oohing and ahhing for. Okay so that didn't sound very sophisticated but that is really what I said to myself when I saw the items here. The Hamptons popcorn, I have actually seen at a friends place before and I fell in love with it. I also want this great New York cushion somewhere in my home.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Marc

...Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012 Spring Collection
Every time I promise myself that I am not going to buy another bag for a while, I come across one (or half a dozen) bags, clutches. satchels, that I sincerely covet. Currently, I adore the Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012 spring collection. I also love the colour combinations and the casual, carefree spring/summer appeal of these bags. Well at least this line is fairly economical, considering what I typically covet.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Linked Up Thursdays

Source: Elle
I want to create these cute individualized party glasses for a friends bridal shower next month

I recently discovered this amazing popsicle site and will attempt at recreating some flavors since this particular company is all the way in Sydney Australia! {Strawberry-Basil...yum!}

Going to Anthropologie after work to try on this dress

Adore these recently discovered blogs:
1. Brooklyn Bride {beautiful wedding inspirations and real life wedding features}
2. Feather Factor {She's a triple threat: smart, pretty and stylish!}

3. Hey Nice Cardigan {I love the versatility of this blog!} 
4. The Kitchy Kitchen {I want to try everything here} 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Bachelorette Options

Well kids, it's that time of year again. With all the pending summer weddings, this is right around the time that bachelorette season begins.  If there is some type of trip involved, most brides may opt to go a month or more before the wedding, so it's not too close to their wedding date. I have at least a few bachelorette parties in the next couple of months. One of which is in Vegas.  Cute, fun dresses are a must and this is when the women I know get in a frenzy to buy the perfect dress for the occasion. Here are some suggestions (dresses I love). I like my dresses (even for stagettes) to be on the classier side (but not too uptight for the occasion) not everyone will agree with these picks!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Inspiration: Style That Gives Back

{H&M 2012 campaign. Portion of proceeds go towards global AIDS and HIV initiatives}
Source: Designers Against AIDS
My inspiration this week, stems from designers/fashion brands that are using the success of their business to give back to the global community. What's better then knowing that the clothes and items that you have recently purchased are indirectly or directly helping some of the most marginalized members of society. Mentioned here, are just some of the brands that are part of this initiative. This serves as an inspiration to me because I know that wherever my career takes me, I want there to be an element of charity associated with it or platform for me to give back to the community. Plus I'll take shoes over a tax receipt any day!

{TOMS one-for-one program, gives a child in need a pair of shoes with your purchase}
Source: Curious Juice

{NewGen 10 Tees, where proceeds go towards homeless youth}
Source: Topshop
{Gucci Unicef initiative:  25 percent of the retail price for each bag will go to support UNICEF’s “Schools for Africa” initiative which aims to provide children with access to quality education}
Source: Gucci

{Favorites from the above mentioned collections}
1.Topshop 2.Gucci 3.TOMS 4.H&M

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Offbeat

... a little offbeat
1.Versus 2.Vivienne Westwood 3.Michael Kors 4.Club Monoco 5.Sandro 6.Reiss
I love classic, basic, closet stables with a little twist. A basic that is a bit off-beat if you will. Just like that pleated dress with a surprise twist (different colour under the pleats) or the asymmetrical leather jacket or how about a no-gold-silver-white watch but that can still be function as a basic, go-with-everything, piece. I love finding items are a slight deviation from the norm, but that I can still wear for years to come.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random Musings

1.West Elm 2.Dylans Candy Bar 3.Barnes & Nobel 4.Jonathan Adler 5.Krups 6.Barneys 
I find the older I get, the more I gravitate towards items that are more 'domestic', 'comforting', and items that can double as both decor as well as entertainment. No, I do not consider myself old or anything, just that I now fully understand my moms love for warm, soft throws or my dads need to buy 'functional decore' and my aunts obsession with recipe books. Although baking your own cupcakes from scratch is a bit of task, looking at the pictures itself can sometimes be satisfying. Also if you haven't tried these Dylan Candy Bar Chocolates, the banana cream is to DIE for.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beautiful Things Pinboard

...Cookies & Coffee
Source: Tumblr
There is nothing more soothing then my morning coffee. If I'm stressed out, or just feel like a mess, that first sip of individually brewed (or realistically my franchise made) coffee feels on par with my first morning encounter of a crisp, fresh spring air. I don't just need coffee for a caffeine boost, but I actually love the taste. To top it all of: tasty gourmet cookies to accompany the coffee. Such a beautiful sight!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

The T.Dot Scene: The Commissary

{Trendy new brunch spot in Toronto}
One of my favorite things to do on a weekly basis is go for brunch with the girlfriends. So this is why when my friends and I didn't make in time for brunch at our usual spot in Toronto's Leslieville neighborhood in Queen St. East, we were glad we found this newly opened establishment - The Commissary right across the street. The eggs benedict were to die for and the coffee was velvety smooth. This is a trendy brunch/cafe in one of Toronto's up and coming neighborhoods and I for one am glad I discovered it!
Also, this weekend we had my cousins bridal shower and I really wanted to share some pictures, but sadly some of my pictures got deleted (along with one of my eggs benny from this place!) so now I am at the mercy of others to get some pictures...stay tuned!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Luxe Sport

1.T by Alexander Wang 2.Tod's 3.Kate Spade 4.3.1 Phillip Lim 5. Kate Spade  6.Isabel Marant 7.Stella McCartney for Adidas
Luxe sport is becoming more and more popular these days. With women realizing the need to dress more casually and be more comfortable in certain social situations but without sacrificing style. Many designers who have not in the past, are now realizing the need to create lines that cater to this lifestyle. With the beginning of summer and the call for outdoor activities and tennis tournaments, in addition to this being an Olympic year, more Luxe sport items will find their way into my closet! 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Inspiration: Style + Beauty + Brains

{Natalie Portman is a Harvard grad, fluent in Hebrew AND Arabic and has great style}
Source: Captianamaryca
As a strong young, professional female, I often look at other women who are both beautiful and who I think embody great, effortless and timeless style but are also brainy. This combination is very important to me as a self-proclaimed 'fashionista' and I often look to them for inspiration. There are many women in my life who fit this persona. But these famous women pictured here (who also have a  massive budget for clothes) serve as fashion and style inspirations to me as well.  They are not only smart and beautiful but have impeccable style! (These are just a few of the women who are my style icons that fit this profile!)

{Kate is a Oxford grad, fluent in three languages, beautiful, with killer style instincts}
Source: Tumblr
{Ashawaria is considered by many as the most beautiful women, Indian style icon and University of Mumbai Architect graduate}

Source: Weheartit
{Emma is a third year at Brown, and the face of fashion powerhouses like Burberry}
Source: Emma Watson
{Thandi studied at Cambridge, has impeccable taste and is super beautiful}
Source: Rachel Walker Online

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Poolside Gear

         ...Fun Poolside Cover-ups

1.Top Shop 2.Madewell 3.Tory Burch 4.DVF 5.Matthew Williamson 6.Stella MCartney
I remember going on vacation and using a slightly loose white v-neck t-shirt as a cover up to my black, novacheck trimmed, Burberry bikini. My friends said it looked really cool and fresh. For the next several days, the swimwear changed daily, but that same t-shirt was used as a cover-up. Needless to say, it wasn't 'cool' nor 'fresh' anymore. I suppose I need to invest...

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random Musings

1.Kate Spade 2.Brookfarm 3.Jo Malone 4.Semikolon 5.Anthropologie 6.Kate Spade
I think there is a certain romance associated with writing hand written notes to your family and friends. I actually horde baskets full of notecard sets. Can't seem to get enough of them.  Also, I am not going to lie, $75 for a candle is a...bit much (to say the least) but I love Jo Malone candles, especially the pomegranate one here. I guess I'll have to wait for a sale. The other items are ones that I need would like to have. Especially the album. I plan on scrap booking a lot of gifts this year!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Personal Collection: Cheap Thrills

{Ralph Lauren home candle in pine scent}
Although I love high end peices, I equally adore lower priced, economical, and wallet friendly items as well (and of course mixing and matching high and low end pieces) - whether it's items for the home or clothes. When I went shopping yesterday, I got this Ralph Lauren Candle for $5 at the Bay on clearance. Did I mention I love pine scent? This also doubles as home decore. Next I got these earring from F21 for less than $4. I already know that these few dollars will be stretched pretty far. Lastly, I got this amazing Top Shop animal print top, (that is still regular price at $60) for just $30. There was a friends and family discount, plus I got another discount. Here I show the view from the back. I just love my cheap finds!

{Super cheap but super fun earrings from Forever 21}
{Back view of this great Top Shop find!}

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Fashion Blues

1.Reiss 2.Jonathan Saunders 3.Lulu's 4.Lee Angle  5.YSL 6.YSL 7.Stella McCartney 8.Gerard Yosca
Regardless of whether you are coveting neons, electric colours or pastels this spring, one thing is for certain, fashion loves blue this season. Whatever is your colour-wheel fancy, you will see hues of blues popping up everywhere- more than usual.  My friend, who is a recent graduate of the Ryerson Fashion design degree, explained that when working with colour, she feels safest working with shades of blue because in her opinion it works on all shades, and sizes of women. Let's face it we cannot all pull off mint green jeans. Trust me, I bought a light pair and they are NOT forgiving (let's just say I've retired them until after a few more trips to the gym). Certain yellows and pinks can make lighter toned females look washed out. But blue always seems to work in my personal opinion. I'd be interested to hear what you all though about that.

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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Beautiful Things Pinboard

...{green, purple, pink}...
Source: Pinterest
It is a beautiful Sunday and it finally feels like spring! It's not too hot, but not cold at all. It's just perfect. The notes of the day remind me of my favourite spring colour combinations.

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

The T.Dot Scene: Art in the Prairie

{Art Gallery of Ontario, home to wedding receptions, charity galas...oh yeah, and art!}
A few days ago I talked about attending a charity event and posted my outfit for the evening. The event was held in a small section of the Art Gallery of Ontario ( I love art galleries!) I saw so many people making such generous donations (and dressed so well at the same time!) I wanted to take pictures of them, but didn't want to seem like a crazy stalker. At the event, they also had Prairie Girl Cupcakes....The Chocolate with strawberry butter frosting was my favorite.  This is my favorite kind of day: ART + CUPCAKES and all for charity!!

{Prairie Girl Cupcakes in Toronto}

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Friday, April 06, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Harlow

Source: House of Harlow 1960
Every season, I catalogue the items in my closet, then as per usual, I decide I need a new this or new that. Therefore, considering the new trends this season, but keeping in mind my passion (you will notice a theme in my blog) for modified basic, classic pieces, I hunt for 'the perfect' item. I have always loved the House of Harlow 1960 accessory line and while I was browsing the site yesterday,  I realized that this could be my one-stop shop for all perfect accessories. Sadly, I have yet to own a HOH 1960 item... until now! Not listed here is the 'perfect statement necklace' and that is because I bought one and I am waiting for it to arrive!  I will post the item and share with all of you as soon as I get it!

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Beautiful Things Pinboard

My cousin just told us that gold will be tastefully incorporated into her wedding theme. Apparently, the decore is going to be a 'surprise'. This left me searching on-line in a frenzy, trying to look for anything gold that may have inspired her. Gold, when done tastefully is a beautiful-fashion force to be reckoned with!
Source: Tumblr

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Inspiration: Black Spring

{Love this look, but would probably add a bright-coloured clutch for spring}
Source: All the Pretty Things
I absolutely adore the black blazer. It's a closet staple and have about ten, that range from low to high price-points, and in a multitude of cuts and styles.  I know I talk about updating blazers in this post here, but the fact remains, for my profession, the black blazer is necessary and in my life, essential. Despite this, every year I struggle with how I will carry over the black blazer into the warmer months. So I drew on the following looks for some inspiration. Black will always be part of my spring!

{These beautiful, casual beige pants + styling give this blazer a spring update}
Source: Girl in A Cashmere Daze
{In-season statement necklace, adds a current piece to this clean look}
Source: Purpleemoon
{The fabric of the blouse, hair and jewellery, give this look a dash of spring}
Source: Image Fav
{Relaxed-light dress + rolled up blazer sleeves, great look for work}
Source: Kayture

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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Personal Collection: LB(lue)D + Leopard

This Friday, I have been invited to a cocktail party to raise money for a very good cause. Having been to a similar event last month, I kind of knew what I wanted to wear for this one. I decided not to purchase anything new (i'd rather give that money to the charity), and instead looked in my closet for stuff I already have. I decided on this navy Alice + Olivia dress which you can buy here and these pair of Brian Atwood Leopard-calf skin pumps (my sister gave them to me!) which you can buy here. I decided to keep the jewelry to a minium and wear just a bracelet. I still have no idea what purse I am going to take. Anyway, looking forward to the event...and my date! Let me know what you think (please be honest).

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Monday, April 02, 2012

Coveting & Considering

In light of Zimmermanns new flagship store in NYC, I decided to do a post about one of my favorite contemporary brands. I have been a huge fan of this Australian brand for a quite some time. I am considering one of these pieces above. I have recently purchased a swimwear piece from their collection (see this post here) and cannot resist purchasing another item (perhaps the jumper above). I also cannot wait to visit the new store when I go to NYC later this spring. The brand, often known for its sought after swimwear, is also a huge hit with their contemporary clothing line. It's safe to say, I am always coveting pieces from their collection but the considering is what (my wallet's) afraid of.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

The T.Dot Scene: Dark Horse + Andy Warhol

{Trendy expresso bar in Toronto}
Yesterday was 'artsy' kind of day. First, I went to the Dark Horse Espresso Bar, my favorite coffee place amidst the fun, hip, artsy types in Toronto's trendy Queen West neighborhood. It started with one shop and has now grown to four - which is too bad. The 'mom and pop' aspect of the place is what appealed to me to begin with. Yet, the espresso is too good for me to really care, so I will continue to enjoy this place. Later that afternoon I finally framed two of my Warhol pictures. One was placed above the bed in the spare room  and the other in the study. I only have one more painting that needs to be framed left. I promised my family this is the last of the 'pop art' in our home. Apparently it's 'messing' with the hybrid of clean modern/shabby-chic look that they have going on.

{Finally framed Warhol paintings}
{One painting, perched up against my lamp!}

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