Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Inspiration: Black Spring

{Love this look, but would probably add a bright-coloured clutch for spring}
Source: All the Pretty Things
I absolutely adore the black blazer. It's a closet staple and have about ten, that range from low to high price-points, and in a multitude of cuts and styles.  I know I talk about updating blazers in this post here, but the fact remains, for my profession, the black blazer is necessary and in my life, essential. Despite this, every year I struggle with how I will carry over the black blazer into the warmer months. So I drew on the following looks for some inspiration. Black will always be part of my spring!

{These beautiful, casual beige pants + styling give this blazer a spring update}
Source: Girl in A Cashmere Daze
{In-season statement necklace, adds a current piece to this clean look}
Source: Purpleemoon
{The fabric of the blouse, hair and jewellery, give this look a dash of spring}
Source: Image Fav
{Relaxed-light dress + rolled up blazer sleeves, great look for work}
Source: Kayture

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  1. I adore that first outfit, absolutely love the chic simplicity of it!

    The Urban Umbrella

  2. I agree a pop of color would have given her a more youthful vibe!

  3. really love Olivia! amazing style!

  4. I love the statement necklace and Olivia!

  5. Love it :) Yes, let's follow eachother :)