Sunday, April 01, 2012

The T.Dot Scene: Dark Horse + Andy Warhol

{Trendy expresso bar in Toronto}
Yesterday was 'artsy' kind of day. First, I went to the Dark Horse Espresso Bar, my favorite coffee place amidst the fun, hip, artsy types in Toronto's trendy Queen West neighborhood. It started with one shop and has now grown to four - which is too bad. The 'mom and pop' aspect of the place is what appealed to me to begin with. Yet, the espresso is too good for me to really care, so I will continue to enjoy this place. Later that afternoon I finally framed two of my Warhol pictures. One was placed above the bed in the spare room  and the other in the study. I only have one more painting that needs to be framed left. I promised my family this is the last of the 'pop art' in our home. Apparently it's 'messing' with the hybrid of clean modern/shabby-chic look that they have going on.

{Finally framed Warhol paintings}
{One painting, perched up against my lamp!}

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  1. I want to visit this trendy coffee place in Toronto :)

    Love the warhol pics too!

  2. im a fan of a pop art too,but here in malaysia its hard to get art pieces at a affordable malaysia starbucks dominates the coffee industry so we dont hv much cosy,homy type of cafe and the place which appreciate art as well

  3. Wow this coffee house looks amazing! I want to go :) Looks like a great day - really like all the pictures and the art you famed is amazing. We learnt so much about pop art back in school :) would love to have some pieces in my house!

    Great blog, I am now following you :)


  4. Love your Warhol pictures :)Thank you for your lovely comment. I am now following. Stop by and follow back if you like what you see. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog,
    I'd definitely like for us to follow each other, as a matter of fact I'm already following you via GFC. Your blog is great!