Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coveting & Considering: Bachelorette Options

Well kids, it's that time of year again. With all the pending summer weddings, this is right around the time that bachelorette season begins.  If there is some type of trip involved, most brides may opt to go a month or more before the wedding, so it's not too close to their wedding date. I have at least a few bachelorette parties in the next couple of months. One of which is in Vegas.  Cute, fun dresses are a must and this is when the women I know get in a frenzy to buy the perfect dress for the occasion. Here are some suggestions (dresses I love). I like my dresses (even for stagettes) to be on the classier side (but not too uptight for the occasion) not everyone will agree with these picks!

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  1. aww I remember my Bachelorette! I am really drawn to the floral lace dress.
    dela chic

  2. how pretty is that rose pink dress from H&M!

  3. I am in desperate need of a dress for wedding season! That coral is pretty fabulous...

  4. I have a bachelorette to attend in a couple of months and would totally wear #5! Love that one!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I really like the Miu Miu dress. of course I would like the most expensive one on the list.

  6. Oh you are so clutch with these picks... it certainly is bachelorette/bridal shower/engagement party/wedding season in my world, and I am on constant look out for new cute dresses! great round up!