Thursday, May 17, 2012

Linked Up Thursdays

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This will be the first weekend where I won't be attending a bachelorette or a birthday, so I will have extra time to try out new recipes like these apricot almond cookies and this chocolate buckwheat cake. Yum!

Going to Zara today to purchase this clutch. One left in the store and it's on hold for me until 5pm! Although I listed some options here,  all of these require me to purchase online and frankly I just can't wait so I went with another option.

Adore these recently discovered blogs:
1. With Love from, Kat {This New York planted blog is the ultimate lifestyle blog!}
2. Seven Spoons {Amazing food blog}

For me simple pleasures this week are trying new recipes, reading the Hunger Games trilogy and going to my favorite coffee place in Toronto: The Dark Horse!

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  1. Love this! Thanks for linking up gal!

  2. i loved the hunger games series! now i'm reading the fifty shades trilogy - it's pretty attention-grabbing, but i miss reading the hunger games - i really enjoyed those books! happy thursday :)

    - l

  3. Yum. Those cookies look great!