Thursday, May 24, 2012

Linked Up Thursdays

Source: Tumblr
I am a big believer in individual notes when it comes to thanking people for gifts.  Therefore, I will looking for some thank you cards to send to my friends and family for the lovely birthday gifts I received. Perhaps these ones?

Also, love this Madewell look. May just buy the entire outfit!

Raising money for the World Partnership Walk in order to help eliminate global poverty! 100% (yes, you read right) 100% of your donation goes to the people that need it. NO ADMIN costs! I know because of the countless volunteers like myself. The Canadian Government will also match donations. Visit my personal page here, if you would like to help eliminate global poverty!

Adore these newly discovered blogs!
1. 6th Street Design School (Inspired by all the lovely design projects here}
2. The Selby {Not sure what to say about this blog. Just cool}
3. Daily Crush {I adore reading about bloggers lastest finds and musings}

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  1. i'm always looking for awesome blogs~ will check yours out asap! thanks!

  2. Beautiful! :)

  3. Fun post! Going to have to say I'm obsessed with that Madewell look as well!! It's too cute!