Sunday, June 10, 2012

Opinion: Wedding Relief

The one complaint that I hear from brides about their wedding receptions is how much their feet hurt by the end of the night. Some, even decide to take their shoes off and remain bare foot half way through the reception. Others, opt for 'cute' flip flops {note: flip flops at your wedding are never okay}, or other flats, that don't go well with their wedding dress or the ambiance. Here are some pretty ballet-flat options, where a bride can still look trendy, put-together and be comfortable at the same time. These flats range from around $15 to over $500. Can you guess which is the most economical from the bunch?

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  1. great ideas!!! As i'm searching for my wedding dress and shoes I will keep this in mind for the end of the night ;)

  2. Oooh great finds, they'd look great with any wedding dress!

  3. Lovely! I know a bride who bought miu miu ones that looked like those ones and she looked great.