Friday, July 27, 2012

Inspiration: A-List Minamalism

I can't quite decide if I am impressed when a celebrity, especially A-Lister is dressed well or not. I mean with all the stylists and free products at their disposal (not to mention unlimited spending accounts), is it really that impressive when they look put together and chic? Well yes and no. I still think there a some celebrities (ahem, singer of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time') that are a complete stylistic mess regardless of wealth and status.  However, I think a celebrity who can pick the right stylist and is careful about what she wears can also be impressive. And besides who am I kidding? It's always fun to see what your favorite celebrity is wearing and perhaps draw inspiration from them. However, what I find the most inspirational, is when a  celebrity  can 'edit' their look. Meaning, they don't have to wear every fashion trend of the moment under the sun, especially all at once. When a fashion-icon can pull off a simple, minimalist look, but still look stunning, well, that's what I consider impressive and it's what I draw inspiration from the most. Check out some other looks that I think fit the bill.

{Jennifer Aniston never looks overdone, but always chic, sophisticated and stylish, yet simple}
Image Source: Foto-Star
{A little cooky, but always classic and chic, Zoey never seems over done}
Image Source: We Are The City
{Jessica makes looking stylish, effortless and down-to-earth so easy}
Image Source: Got Celeb
{Diane looks amazing dressed up or just sitting here fresehed-face, and simple attire!}

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  1. I totally agree. Simple is better.

  2. I totally agree, Jen always looks gorgeous and totally natural - shes definitely one of my faves <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Jen's hair is just perfection and I love Diane Kruger, not only she's gorgeous, she has an amazing style too!

  4. my fave look is minimal, lovely photos! xO!