Friday, August 17, 2012

Inspiration: Lasting Players

{Balenciaga circa 1951}
Image Source: We heart Vintage
We all have our favorite designers, brands and labels. Some we cannot live without and others we cannot afford (trust me I know!) but at the end of the day, they inspire us and the way we dress. For example, the brands I cannot afford to buy a lot of, I will still try and draw inspiration form the line to find items that may make me feel the same way (please note I am absolutely not referring to kock-offs). But you get the point. The following are designers/fashion houses that have lasted almost a 100 years if not longer and have laid the foundation for thousands of designers that have followed. Their longevity and continued success is a testament to the brands innovation, quality and perseverance in an industry that can 'so easily forget'. These are some of my favorite What are yours?

{Halston circa 1977}
Image Source: Blog_Stylesight
{Giorgio Armani circa 1975}
Image Source: Burn After Sewing
{Vintage Diane Von Furstenberg modeling her own}
Image Source: Her Name Was Lola
{Vintage YSL circa 1967}
Image Source: Styliiista

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  1. This is amazing! Such a great post. Love it!


  2. lovin' that vintage ysl.... amaze. happy friday! xO!

  3. Loving YSL, Diane Von Furstenburg, also lovve chanel - can never go wrong with good ol' chanel <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  4. All of these are simply stunning - I think the only other lines you are missing are Dior and Valentino. All of these looks are iconic though!

  5. Those textiles simply look stunning!

    Style Nirvana

  6. I still love Halston! Great picks. Although I agree Dior should be there!

  7. Love those photos!!! those golden days!!! xxx