Friday, October 26, 2012

In My Closet: Giving in to Skulls

{Skull bracelet found at Mendocino}

Yesterday, my cousin asked me to come shopping with her after work because she needed my advice on what to buy for her trip to L.A next month. I promised myself that this shopping trip was to help my cousin find outfits and not for me to purchase anything! With quite a few trips I need to take and gifts I must buy over the next couple of months, I have put myself on a stricter then usual budget. But then I came across this adorable skull bracelet. Since I love skulls (I have quite the collection of McQueen Scarves to prove it) and with a price tag of only $20, I just couldn't resist! I am looking forward to layering it with some of my other bracelets this weekend.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Opinion: Short Skirts At Work

{Work-appropriate skirts that are flattering & professional}

I have worked in various work environments, from a super stuffy consulting firm to a trendy boutique agency to a laid-back not-for-profit. Regardless, I have always dressed professionally and have never worn anything that could be deemed inappropriately by HR. My current position is one where we are required to dress very professionally. Most of the women here are super trendy (many look like they walked right out of a J.Crew catalog) and we also have a lot of creative-types in the company, but everyone is still adheres to the dress code. Last week as I was trekking through the building cafe, I noticed not one, not two BUT three women wearing the shortest skirts I had ever seen. I am talking mid-thigh and super tight. Some people took notice, but clearly no one spoke to them about the complete disregard for company policy. Also, company policy aside, don't you want to be perceived as professional in your work environment? I understand wanted to look and feel sexy but you have to remember you have conflicting goals to accomplish at work, which for most should be to excel in your career. How does everyone feel about this? I'm I being fair? over conservative? How short is too short?

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