Thursday, November 29, 2012

Peplum Style

Alice + Olivia Peplum Skirt (similar here), J.Crew Striped Peplum Top
I'll be the first to admit, I'm really late to this whole peplum thing. Yes I did purchase a peplum LBD last year but that's about it. Recently I found these two cute items that I had to have. The Alice + Olivia skirt in pink...hmm...I'm just hoping it doesn't sit in my closet forever! And below the J. Crew top which I am going to pair with my maroon jeans, Michael Kors' booties and some funky jewelry!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Vancouver Weekend

{The most amazing hot chocolate I have ever indulged in}

This weekend I was in Vancouver attending a conference for one of the boards I sit on. There was not a lot of time for sight-seeing, exploring and shopping (I have been to Vancouver a handful of times, the last time was in 2008), however I did manage to sneak in an hour here and there. One place I was determined to visit was Mink Chocolate Cafe, which has been pegged as one of the best Chocolate places in Canada. I bought several bars of chocolates including a a maple, pecan guanche. So amazing. I considered having their 'Chocolate drink' which is essentially melted chocolate in a cup but since I was about to hop on a plane  in a few hours (I didn't know how I would feel afterwards) I opted for their hot chocolate instead. It did not disappoint  Check out my other random musings from the trip:
{Couldn't buy just one bar from Mink. Unbelievable selection}

{Limited edition Missoni plush animals exclusive at Holt Renfew ( bought in Vancouver)}
{Famous Graffiti in North Vancouver}

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In My Closet: Blue-Blue

Yves Saint Laurent Goldtone Arty Ovale Ring in Lapis, Zara Blue Suede Shoes (similar here)

Ever since I discovered that YSL was going to discontinue making the Arty ring, I knew I had to scoop up just one more. Previously I had purchased the Cobalt a couple of years ago, but always wanted the Lapis.  Anyway, it just arrived in the mail three days ago and I have already worn it everyday since then! Lastly, I found these blue suede shoes that I purchased from Zara over a month ago in my basement. I guess I left them in there because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep them. Well, i've decided I quite like them! I think they'll be a pleasant change to all the black shoes i've been wearing lately!

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Opinion: Smart or Fashionable?

{J.Crew Fall 2012 Campaign, which was my work-wear inspiration}
I consider myself to be a well rounded women- well educated, motivated, lover of sports, loyal to friends and family, political and pop-art junkie, volunteer...but I am also a crafty shopper. A lot of people (both men and women alike) have this impression of women who like to shop and dress well: That, that is all they like to do. I find this view insulting! I love to dress well and own what {I hope}many would consider nice things. And although, I love my designer brands, I am not going to go into debt because of it. I think a part of what makes me a strong, confident and content women (a part not all) is looking good which in turn makes me feel good too. The other day, my co-worker, a very sensible young guy who is a Programmer by profession said to me "I can't believe how smart and sensible you are. I thought you were one of those girls that was just into fashion when I first saw you." Okay seriously? Perhaps I should be flattered but I was fairly annoyed. Why does fashion to a lot people have to be the alternative? Why do you either have to love fashion or love humanitarian work? And why does how dowdy your outfit look have to be directly correlated to how smart you are?

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