Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In My Closet: A Green Favorite

Balenciaga Classic Part Time Curry (this seasons colors here)
I do this a lot. I buy something I absolutely adore and then forget about it until years later. Sometimes it's fun to rediscover something after a while, because it feels like a new purchase - especially when it's a classic item. I know this color is not classic per say, but the style is. I love this Balenciaga because it's this wild pop of color that I can add to a neutral outfit or add a 'kick' to a fairly simple assemble.  I still remember the day  I bought this purse 5 years ago! I had just received my bonus and while I put a majority of it away in savings, I still decided to treat myself, and this purse was the treat!

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  1. Love this bag so much!

  2. haha, I can totally relate to buying items and then forgetting to wear them! I love the color of this bag and it's going to be perfect for Spring


    1. yes! I can't wait to wear this in a few weeks!

  3. Love that color bag! I always find I do the same thing. Make these purchases on things I adore them re discover them months later. It's like finding a little treasure!!

  4. love that bag~ the green is so pretty! xO!

  5. I think the color is lovely :)